SICATEC - products and applications

G l a s  i n d us t r y

· rotating injection moulds

¬∑ mouth  and automatic blowing

· glass tube production

· drag- and straightening rolls

· fix blowing moulds

· shaping blocks, grips etc


M e t a l  c a s t i n g s

         ¬∑ ingot moulds for metals casting

         ¬∑ gas rinsing lance heads

         ¬∑ melting pots for aggressive alloys




SICATEC - products and benefits

· pasting not required

· easy install and removal

· good dimensional stability, even in large production runs

¬∑ long service life at low maintenance costs

· no special storage (in opposite against wooden moulds)

· more economical production method


Materials data of  SICATEC - products

¬∑ density:                           1.1 ‚Äď 1.4 g/cm3

¬∑ porosity:                          bis 50 %

¬∑ compressive strength:  > 60 N/mm2

¬∑ hardness:                        > 65 Shore


Properties of the SICATEC - products

  ¬∑ high storing capacity for water

  ¬∑ very low thermal conductivity

  ¬∑ high temperature resistance in inert gas

  ¬∑ isotropic and homogenous grain structure

  ¬∑ optimum gas permeability

  ¬∑ outstanding resistance to thermal shocks

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